Web Development

A web developer with over 20 years experience

Experience matters, we have been designing websites for over 20 years. We believe, when you succeed we succeed.

Web Design

Not annoying people. Plain and simple.

Too many bridges have been burnt over the years. When the going get’s tough and most web developers will pack it in leaving the client high and dry to pick up the pieces.

Building custom websites is not easy. Things like scope creep, unrealistic expectations and ambiguity are common. These are things that will typically kill a project.

So very early on we will communicate, ask a LOT of questions and ensure that there are minimal surprises along the way.

How do we approach web development?

We start with the outcomes

Strategy first and creation second

We have and amazing process

We have all the skills

We will always be there for you

We promise to deliver

An in-depth understanding of your business and the outcomes you want.

All of websites delivered with a clear track record for success and a predicable outcome.

Custom design unique to your brand. Design is geared at customer conversion.

Open source WordPress build. Fast, lean and secure. Putting you in securely in the drivers seat.

We use Google to help you get found online with your keywords. Super charge leads and inquiries.

Full handover and intensive user training getting you comfortable in the drivers seat.

Full integration of social media platforms and help to promote interaction.

we deliver a 100% first class experience for all our customers.

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Mail us: theqi21@qode.com